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“The impact that my fellowship has had on my professional and personal growth is invaluable. In just 10 months, I have learned so much through the many challenges I have faced. I am a stronger, more flexible person ready to adapt to any situation.

Personally, I have made friendships, with both locals and other foreigners, which I will cherish for a lifetime. My experience would have been completely different if I hadn’t lived with my roommate, worked with my co-workers, and spent my free time with my specific group of friends. My fellowship has brought me more love and friendship than I ever imagined possible. Even the other Fellows whom I only met briefly at the pre-departure orientation and mid-year conference will surely be lifelong friends. The connections that I have made, personally and professionally, will help me in various ways in the future. The wealth of knowledge that exists among the Fellows from just the 2013-14 cycle is priceless! I know that I will always have the support and understanding of any past or future Fellow. I am so pleased to become a part of the alumni network.

Professionally, I have become a more confident, skilled teacher and teacher trainer. I joined the Fellow program fresh out of my master’s program. Having just completed my own education, I was intimidated to train other teachers. However, after doing so numerous times at workshops and conferences, I now have faith in my ability to do so effectively. I do not know whether my future career will allow me to continue to do teacher training, but I am grateful for the experience that I gained here in that specific area.”

-Rebekah Gordon
Haramaya, Ethiopia

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