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Within the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Office of English Language Programs designs and manages programs to promote language learning and support the teaching of English in countries around the world. These programs are administered through local American Embassies and Consulates and are overseen by Regional English Language Officers. The Office of English Language Programs also provides academic expertise and develops English teaching and learning resources for use worldwide. American English, an online English language teaching center, provides links to multimedia resources and information on exchange opportunities for teachers and students of English as a foreign language.

Increasing the English language capacity of audiences overseas deepens and enriches their engagement with American counterparts and builds lasting bridges between cultures. English language learning is also vital to increasing access to the many exchange programs administered by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and other academic and professional exchange opportunities in the United States. In addition, English language programs advance the U.S. Department of State’s economic statecraft and foreign assistance goals by expanding access to the local and global job markets, particularly among youth.

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In November 2021, #ELSpecialist Marian Dent supervised a Legal English for Prosecutors event for 12 teachers and th… https://t.co/lFKYL2pNVN

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