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Dive into ESP for Climate Change and Sustainability with the 2022 Specialist Master Class

The 2022 Specialist Master Class “ESP for Climate Change & Sustainability: Implementing an Eco-PBL Framework” featuring English Language Specialist Susan Huss-Lederman was launched in November 2022. In six video sessions, Huss-Lederman explores the Eco-PBL for English framework, integrating English language education and a place-based approach to project-based learning, as applied to different instructional and cultural contexts such as Galapagos, Peru, and the United States. 

The Eco-PBL for English framework is a dynamic, learner-centered framework that can support teachers in developing students’ English proficiency while addressing local environmental concerns. Woven throughout the Eco-PBL for English framework are four key components of PBL: authenticity, collaboration, reflection, and student voice and choice. Participants in the course learned how to design and implement an Eco-PBL for English project to empower students to become environmental stewards advocating on a global stage to confront climate change

Participant responses to the Specialist Master Class have been overwhelmingly positive, with commenters crediting the “expertise of Susan Huss-Lederman and the diversity and depth of knowledge of the other participants” as being instrumental to the course’s success. Huss-Lederman’s interactivity with participants also received high marks, with one commenter noting that “it makes it feel personal when Susan presents the videos and writes the blogs.” The practical application of the Specialist Master Class was a high point for participants as well, especially given the wide range of contexts that course materials could be adapted to. “The course prompted me to learn about environmental concerns in my own region that could, in turn, be carrier content for a local ESL course,” one commenter wrote. “That alone is already impactful!”

Video sessions from the course are now publicly available on YouTube. We encourage viewers to engage with and disseminate course content and share their thoughts in the comments section below each video. This Specialist Master Class is valuable for teachers and teacher educators operating within a wide range of contexts. Follow the YouTube Playlist of recorded sessions to develop a deeper understanding of how to create your own Eco-PBL course.

: Dive into ESP for Climate Change and Sustainability with the 2022 Specialist Master Class

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