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English Language Programs Conference Grants

To support the ongoing professional development of its community, English Language Programs offers conference grants to Fellow and Specialist alumni as well as current virtual Fellows and Specialists when the topic of their conference presentation is related to their project activities.  

In-person conferences: Starting on January 1, 2022, English Language Programs will resume providing in-person conference grants, dependent on local health and safety regulations. Grants cover the costs related to travel, lodging, and per diem as well as conference registration. Only domestic US travel costs are covered. If grant applicants live within commuting distance, only registration is reimbursed.

Virtual conferences: Virtual conference grants reimburse the cost of the presenter’s virtual conference registration.

To be eligible, you must:

  • have successfully completed a Fellow or Specialist project or be a current virtual participant and
  • present on a topic related to your English Language Programs project (e.g., a workshop or resource developed during your project; the impact of your project on students/colleagues back home).

Preference is given to those who present at conferences in their home state or region, and who have not participated before.

If you are a current in-country Fellow or Specialist, you may apply for a conference grant if you will have completed your assignment before the conference occurs.

To apply, please submit an online application with the following components at least one month before the start of the conference:

  1. Your presentation title and description/abstract 
  2. A copy of the conference’s acceptance letter for your presentation 
  3. An explanation of why you plan to attend and present at the conference
  4. A link to a published Alumni Impact Statement on the COP explaining the impact of your  Fellow or Specialist project on your professional or personal life and communities  
  5. A proposed budget detailing anticipated expenses

After the conference, you will need to submit:

  1. A copy of the conference program/schedule showing your presentation  
  2. Conference registration receipt
  3. For in-person conferences: receipts for allowed travel expenses

Please note that in-person conferences may establish protocols for attendance while COVID-19 conditions continue (for, example, see this announcement from AAAL). Grantees are responsible for meeting conference attendance requirements and if they are unable to, they may not apply for the grant. English Language Programs is not liable for any illness, injury, or loss incurred while a grantee is attending a funded conference.

If a conference is canceled for any reason, including due to COVID-19, or if a grantee is unable to attend a conference, including due to COVID-19, to the extent possible the grantee must secure refunds for any costs they’ve incurred (for example, hotel deposit, conference registration, air ticket). English Language Programs will reimburse allowed non-refundable costs, with required documentation.


TESOL and Language Education Conferences

TESOL and language education conferences offer English language educators opportunities for professional development and support within their geographic regions. There are more than 100 independent TESOL associations worldwide with more than 40 associations in the United States. Each international, national, and regional conference offers its own opportunities for networking and professional development.

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